The Ditto Mission

The path to health and well-being is a different one for everyone, that’s what makes it confusing and difficult. We’ve created Ditto to make this path a fun and exciting experience through technology, science, and decades of experience.

Today, the vitamin market can be confusing-- what vitamins to take, when to take and are they working. As with most other precious things in life, simple is better. Do you know what nutrients you’re missing when shopping for vitamins? You should! That’s exactly why we created Ditto.

The Ditto Difference

Our snapshot kits are state of the art but that’s not our bread and butter. Our specialty is in “continual improvement” of your vitamin. After your initial batch of vitamins start to run low, we’ll send you another test for a check-up.

Why do we check-up? Because “you” are always changing in fact your body is almost completely renewed every 7 years or so! This means that the vitamins you take in the summer might be different than those you need in then winter and so forth. Changing diet, exercise patterns, aging and even where you live can have an affect on what the contents of your vitamin should be.

Quality Matters

We believe the path of healthy living should be one that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle. With that goal in mind, we’ve worked hard to source minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from world-leading companies while using quality certified labs and manufacturers.

Who are we?

We’re visionaries with over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience who are leveraging our industry-specific knowledge to simplify the vitamin market. We are people who were tired of taking 8 pills every day. We are people who weren’t sure if the vitamins we were taking were the one’s we needed to be taking. We are people who wanted to listen to our bodies instead of general advertisements for “All Adult Males/Females”.

We are you.

Our scientific advisory board are leaders in the field of supplement personalization, blood testing and functional medicine.

Jan Ventor, M.D.

Functional Medicine,
Singularity University

Jason Klop, N.D.

Naturopathic Physician,
Boucher Institute

Anton Solonnikov, B.Pharm.

Personalized Nutrition,
Dalhousie University